The Policy concerning the Quality represents the formalisation of the management that the Administration intends to give to Gi.Ga Composite Srl

The uniqueness of our company imposes us to a constant and efficient partnership with our suppliers and, given the noteworthy competition and the specific markets’ fragmentation, the aim of Gi.Ga Composite Srl is to enhance the commercial connection with its customers in order to increase the level of service for the end customer.

  • Understand our customers’ expectations and needs and offer a service that conforms to their expectations.
  • Perform following excellence standards during the whole/entire manufacturing process.
  • Deliver the required product in the time and manner required by the customer.
  • Create a strong involvement with clients.
  • Continue to improve the manufacturing process to satisfy our customers’ current and future expectations and follow the industry’s evolution.

We aim to achieve these objectives through:

  • A clear definition of the customers and markets’ demands, trying to anticipate their expectations
  • The deviation measurement of the customers’ expectations, using attentive and multiple surveys of customer satisfaction (direct/indirect)
  • Individuals’ motivation and empowerment that direct, perform and verify the activities that influence the quality of the end product
  • The formation and the ongoing update of our personnel
  • The achievement and the retention of the established quality standards
  • The reduction of the defects that occur in the processes
  • The execution of internal evaluations to verify the appropriateness, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the quality system and the processes

We are in the industrial area of Val di Sangro, in Atessa (CH)