Gi.Ga Composite srl: Excellence, Safety, and Solidarity in every activity

Gi.Ga Composite srl is attentive to the quality of its products and raw materials, to the safety of its personnel, to the impacts that its activities can have on the environment. The company has a particular interest in social problems for this supports various associations including:


An Italian non-profit association for social promotion, founded in Liguria at 1968. The funds that citizens donate to AISM are invested in scientific research, in the well-being of people affected by this disease and their families, and in the vindication of their rights.


A non-profit global association founded in 1982: it deals with the craniomaxillofacial reconstructions for adults and children born with malformations. The association works thanks to donations from all citizens and the volunteer work of doctors and healthcare workers who care about the topic. Operation smile uses the funds in research, in trying to guarantee free, safe and quality care to every child and adult in the world and promotes awareness initiatives.


Born in 1961 to ask for the release of political prisoners, today this movement gives voice to the human rights of all: “through campaigns to raise awareness and mobilize public opinion, education, collection of signatures and pressure on institutions we give voice to those who have no voice”.